2011 Trial Results

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Teucrium marum

Teucrium marum (Perennial Kitty Crack)

Perennial Kitty Crack

This being our first year trialing we are going to let you know what the companies thinks of it.

From Plant Delights:

"You've never seen stupid pet tricks until you've seen a cat stoned on kitty crack. Teucrium marum is a delightful, compact, shrubby mint to 2' tall x 3' wide, covered in tiny, fragrant, green leaves and equally tiny reddish pink flowers from July through September. As soon as your cats find it, the plant is no more since they will roll in, over, and around it until they get so high they finally stagger off. Teucrium marum hails from the hot and dry regions of Spain...the source of many other good drugs. Grab the video camera and wait for the show. Warning...if your cat is unable to control their recreational use of Teucrium marum, we recommend a sturdy cage for your plants or an extended stay in kitty rehab."

Botanical Family: Lamiaceae
Height at Flower: 13-16 Inches
Spread: 15-19 Inches
Sources: Plant Delights Nursery, Inc.
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