Welcome to the Trial Gardens at The University of Georgia! The garden trials the newest varieties of annuals from top plant breeders from all over the world and puts perennials to the test to find those that stand up to southeastern heat and humidity. The Trial Gardens at UGA are open all year and provide a great source of ideas and information for students, gardeners and industry professionals. We invite you to visit anytime!

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Industry Open House:  Has been cancelled for 2020.  We will continue to put up trial data online on this website.  As well as pictures on our Facebook page.  For any industry professional who wishes for more information or specfic information regarding plants please Contact Us at the top of this page.   

Public Open House:  Has been cancelled for 2020.  Keep an eye out as we may perhaps try to have something akin to this in the Fall of this year.  


Classic City Award Winners - 2019  **NEW**

The Classic City Award Winners are the plants that have stunned and wowed us for this trial season.  These are truly worth the investment for any southern garden and beyond!

2019 Classic City Awards PDF

Best of the Best Winners - 2019  **New**

The Best of the Best plants are those who just missed the Classic City Awards but deserve recognition as top notch plants in our trials this year. 

2019 Best of the Best PDF

Industry Open House Winners

2019 Southern Garden Tour PDF

Public Open House Winners

2019 Public Open House PDF

View this years trial ratings for all plants by selecting "Annuals" or "Perennials" below.


How to read trial results

When viewing the annual results, these are some helpful hints to keep in mind so that you can understand how to interpret the chart and each plant's score:

1. We plant our garden in mid-to-late April and start taking data the first week of June. So plants that start out at a 4 or 5 have been growing for around a month have been getting regular fertilizer and water. When we do plant, we only plant 'finished' pots.  Anything that has not developed well in the pot in the greenhouse are planted later.

2. Generally speaking, any plant with a score of 3 - 3.5 would be considered a desirable plant for any garden.  Plants that are score at consistant 3s means that the plant looks healthy but is not excelling in new growth or flower production. 

3. Plants scoring between 3.5 and 4.5 are both flowering well and producing consistand new growth. This is the largest group in the garden.

4. Plants scoring between 4.5 and 5 are the plants that are truly standing out above the rest of the flock.  These plants are both flowering profusely and/or maintaining a consistant desirable shape in the garden. 

5.  Watch for trends where some plants performed well early season and have dropped off as the summer has progressed. Likewise, some plants have had a slow start and are coming into their season the later in the summer we go. Typically, better scoring plants are maintaining slight dips and rises that correlate with their bloom cycle, i.e. in bloom: better score, out of bloom: lesser score.

Garden Trials
The performance ratings are based
on number of flowers, leaf color,
uniformity of habit and flower,
resistance to insects
and diseases and
overall appearance.

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