Best of the Best

- a quick compilation of some of the best plants in their class - From the boardroom to the classroom, from the greenhouse to the field, people like to know they are working with the best. In our case, the color that fills the greenhouse is only as good as the demand to fill the landscape. That demand is predicated on having the best plants, with the best color, essentially those that perform well over a long period of time with the minimum of maintenance. Thank goodness, our breeders have yet to come up with real plastic plants, so we put up with a few warts and blemishes. Every year we share the half dozen or so finest plants from the Gardens at UGA, and describe them as the Classic City Award Winners. Click here for the Classic City Awards 2018 winners. We also expand that list each year to plants that simply were the finest among their leafy peers, such as the best red-flowered, or white-flowered begonia, or the best blue petunia. At the Gardens at UGA, plants are evaluated every two weeks throughout the season, and then averaged in November. Many cultivars performed heroically, only to give their lives to the challenge of heat, humidity and drought. However, others thrived, and these we share with you. Those that received the mantle of Best of the Best were chosen the good old fashioned way, they earned it. Congratulations to the breeders and distributors who shared these plants with us.

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