Annuals - 2020

Every two weeks, every annual cultivar is evaluated by Brandon for "horticultural" performance. The performance ratings are based on:

  1. number of flowers
  2. leaf color
  3. uniformity of habit and flower
  4. resistance to insects and diseases and
  5. overall appearance.

This allows us to follow the performance of each cultivar through "good times and bad." The data are combined into a single performance rating, based on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being exceptional, 1 being almost dead. The ratings are then used to generate a graph of performance over time, and are updated at every evaluation date. This allows a real time viewing of performance and more importantly, an in-depth understanding of how a plant performed from spring to fall.

Botanical Name     Common Name
Angelonia 'Serena® 'Blue Improved''
Common Name:
Flowers are more of a light blue and I would say medium-sized flowers for this 'Blue Imp'. Plants are healthy, but flower production is light. Would make an excellent combination plant.
Angelonia 'Serena® 'Purple Improved''
Common Name:
This cultivar has larger flowers and solid purple flowers on strong stems. 'Purple improved' is one of the better performing varieties of Angelonia in the Serena series. Plants are healthy, and flower production is good. Would make an excellent co
Angelonia 'Serena® 'Rose''
Common Name:
'Rose' is on the road to be one of the best of the Serena series this year. Abundant light rose flowers on strong stems and flowering as desired for this heavy bloomer. Would make a great combination plant.
Angelonia 'Serena® 'White''
Common Name:
This has one of the smaller of the flowers in the series, but a hair bigger than its equal in the Serentia series. It is blooming in abundance to make up for the loss in the size of the flower. Flower production is good, and plants are healthy. Se
Angelonia 'Serentia® 'Blue Sky''
Common Name:
'Blue Sky' has been a good performer with medium-sized dark lavender blooms. Plants are sturdy and stems are standing upright with full sets of flowers. Would make a great combination plant.
Angelonia 'Serentia® 'Lavender''
Common Name:
Serentia® 'Lavender' was a late planting but has grown strong to catch up nicely with the other in the series. Flowers are robust and stems are strong. Serentia® 'Lavender' will make a great combination plant.
Angelonia 'Serentia® 'Pink''
Common Name:
Serentia 'Pink' is the best of the Angelonia this year within its series and outside of the series. Flowers are on the larger side, and flower production is high. The health of the plants is good, and stems are sturdy.
Angelonia 'Serentia® 'Rose''
Common Name:
Bright Rose colored flowers on sturdy stems, one of the better in the series. Flowers show up bright against their dark green foliage. The plant will make a great combination plant.
Angelonia 'Serentia® 'White''
Common Name:
Serentia® 'White' has some of the smallest flowers of the series and the flowers are smaller than Serena® 'White'. The plants, however, are producing flowers well, and the stems are sturdy. The plant would make a great combination plant.
Aubrieta ''Rock on Purple''
Common Name:

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